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I’ll sing to you a secret song as you drift off to sleep. For naps aren’t what you think they are, this secret you must keep…

Enjoy sharing this beautifully illustrated, imaginative story where Abi learns that naps are anything but boring! A short, charming lullaby reminding children (and their parents) that naps are a chance to dream.

“You can go to bed without fear. You can lie down and sleep soundly…For the Lord is your security.” (Proverbs 3:24, 26)


One Thing Is Needed

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One thing is needed cover 6

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.”

The same could be said to many of us. How tragic would it be to look back and realize we spent our life working tirelessly, but missed what was most important? This timely book speaks into our distractions, worries and heartaches. It takes a moment to lead our eyes back to the One who cares deeply for us and is ready to help us. He invites us to trust him, depend on him for all we’re worth, and find in him the rest and hope we so desperately need. He holds out this gentle instruction for the weary, frazzled soul: one thing is needed; start with that.

Flawed Judges

Love Beka’s writing? Wish you could have it in book form? Looking for a deep devotional, but short on time?

Then Flawed Judges is for you!

flawed judges advert 2

This short devotional takes you through the book of Judges five minutes at a time, explores how a good God works with messy people, and pairs well with a hot cup of coffee.

-Short, soulful reflections
-Dig-deep questions
-Simple Illustrations
-Great for individual quiet time or group study
-Perfect for kicking off the school year! One reflection for each week of the semester.

Enjoy in paperback format, or on your mobile device via kindle. Available now on Amazon.

flawed judges cover release

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