Let it fall behind me


“So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:33

This is not the kind of journey where you bring your most treasured possessions along. This is the kind where you look at them long and hard and decide, “I don’t treasure these anymore…I treasure the One I follow.”

I can spend my whole life in a hobbit hole making sure the doilies are straightened, the shelves are dusted, and the pantry is in order; loving and pouring my life into stuff. Or, I can fling open the door and race down the path after You, knowing that I may never see what seemed so important again, and as I let it fall behind me, exclaim,

“I’m going on an adventure!”


Help nothing that I have grow in my affection to where it has my heart. Not my job, not my savings, not my plans, not my relationships, not my reputation, not my pleasures.

Help me to weed away misplaced dependence. Affection is fine, but it has a darker twin that slips into its stead: need. Where appreciation becomes demand. Where ‘I’m delighted to have this!’ becomes ‘I HAVE to have it!’

Guard my heart from these subtle shifts and teach it to worship You alone.

Thank you for bringing me this far. Thank you that I can look ahead, with clear eyes and steady breaths, knowing that whatever is out there, You will walk through it with me. So help me learn to cling to You, steady, fearless One, not to things which can so easily be lost.

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