Slaves. Warriors.


“On that very day the Lord brought the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt like an army.”

-Exodus 12:51


They had no military training. Until this day, they had been slaves. They did not know how to wage war; they knew how to make bricks. They had been oppressed, broken, despairing. Their infants were murdered, their slave-drivers were harsh, their leader disappeared to Midian for 40 years.

But this day, they swept out of Egypt like a force and left the most powerful nation in the world  plundered, trembling, and begging for their blessing. This day, they were warriors, and not a one of them had lifted a sword.

The world feared them.

Because to take on Israel was not a matter of overcoming 60,000 fighting men – it was to take on the living God who had devastated Egypt and crushed its deities.

This God who does not choose the strong, the bold, the best. This God who takes the weak and does mighty deeds; who takes the coward and brings down the fearsome; who lifts up the least and makes him ruler. This God took slaves and made an army that the world watched in terror.

This God calls me.

So I do not have to be the best, the bravest, the strongest. I can just be me and He will still work wonders.




photo credit: Marc Czerniec

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